Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cricut not so much my way


When I first got my cricut, it was so long ago that there was only one choice.  I researched and I loved it from the moment I got it.  And I still do today.  

Six months later, I picked up  a Silhouette.  I returned it because I hated it.  I became that day a very loyal Cricut user.  
However, today I used the new Silhouette Cameo.   Can I say I love this machine.  I bought it for the print and cut versatility.    I will say that my expectations were high and it indeed meets everything I wanted it to do.  I just have not been sold on the imagine and this ended up being a better fit for me.

Above is the first thing I tried after a brief learning curve.  Basically 20 minutes after it came out of the box.  I was able to make the image above.  I used the shield that came with the cameo and a font on my computer.

Next, I tried opening a jpeg and seeing if I could do the same thing.   Here next thing I printed and cut.
It did it perfectly.   I love this machine.  Any thing that can be made in Photoshop can be cut.     I made these Hot cocoa sundaes a few weeks ago.  The idea came from the family fun magazine.  I ended up cutting this tag square, because I didn’t want to hand cut it all out.   Now I can do it any way I want.

Lastly,  I wanted to be able to cut a shadow (not on the printed line, as I did above).  Can I say “Cameo, where have you been my whole life?”

Cameo, you have earned your spot next to my cricut.  Welcome home. 

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