Sunday, June 27, 2010

VT Treats

I was asked to make cookies for the ladies at church today. Once a month they pass out cookies (Cookie Sunday) for the women who have completed their visit teaching and have reported it. I guess this works, because most of the cookies were gone.

More cards from Sweet treats

I just love the pink and brown. The first one I just love. I had a great time playing with my new stuff and seeing what it can do. I look forward to many more fun projects.

Blue & Brown card from sweet treats

This card is made from my new Papertrey Ink paper, ribbon and ink. I have never used them before and am glad I did. Their prices are reasonable. I got a little nervous, because I found out that their ink line is being discontinued until the new line is released this fall. I bought three colors of ink and only one was not at the same consistency as the other ones. It is still is fine to use and I am glad I got it.  I tested the ink by making my own background.

The flower was cut from Sweet Treats cartridge and the edges were inked and curled.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Create a Critter Beaver Father's Day Card

Grandpa went to OSU, so it was only natural to make him a beaver card. Since he has a grandson who also loves the beavers, I thought this card was fitting. I don't have a Father's day stamp, but I just used what I had.

Grandpa beaver is cut at 3 inches
Grandson beaver is cut at 1 3/4 inches

Friday, June 4, 2010

Create a Critter Zebra

I love this zebra card. I am not sure where my inspiration came from, but this is how I had been picturing it for as long as I could remember. I went to all my favorite blogs and could not find it. I could have sworn I saw a pink zebra card somewhere, but perhaps I was just dreaming. Anyhow, if I am leaving out credit to someone, I apologize. To me it looks like something "My Pink Stamper" would make. She is awesome if you have not already seen her work and best of all she has videos too.

Create a Critter Dino

Here is the site that inspired this dino:

As you can see they look nothing alike, but I like to record my inspiration, so I can go back and find them at any point in time.

I tore various strips of craft paper for the dirt. I just kept doing it until I felt it fit the card I was making.
Dino cut at 3 inches, used stickles on the spots.

Create a Critter Panda

Can I say this Panda is too cute. I just love him. Not thrilled how the bamboo turned out, but I will think more on that for next time.

I cut the panda at 3 inches and don't remember the bamboo. I think it was cut at 1 or 1 1/2 inches.


Here is another card my daughter made. It is great to see her use various techniques. She does all this on her own without any suggestions from me. She is inspiring to me.

Divine swirls heart card

This card, my teenage daughter made this weekend. We had a card making fest. She often gives me ideas.

The heart is cut with Doodle Charms
Cuttlebugged with Divine Swirls

Create a Critter Deer

This deer card is my knock off version from this site:

Though I really liked the one I tried to imitate and mine came out very different, I am quite pleased. The deer was cut at 3 inches. The grass, flowers, and clouds all altered to fit using design studio. Originally I planned to have only 3 clouds, but due to a stamping error the fourth was added to hide the mess up. I actually like it and cannot imagine there not being fourth cloud

Create a Critter Hippo

The inspiration for this hippo came from this link:, though it is pretty much from the handbook.

I cut the hippo at 3 inches
Water was altered to fit card using design studio
Cuttlebugged the background with bloom dots

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Create a critter Octopus

Here is another card my daughter made. She used a Martha Stewart punch for the yellow lattice in the background. I think she did a wonderful job.