Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sweet Tooth Cupcake box #1

So when you find a great recipe for a cupcake, you just want to share it with others, so why not use a cute box. So when I picked up the Sweet Tooth Boxes cartridge recently I was super excited to make one. My only worry was how big to cut it so it would fit a cup cake. Well guess what Cricut fixed that issue too. Even though you can cut it any size, there is a red box that tells you the recommended sizes. In this case it was to cut at 11 inches. All I can say is this box is super easy and fast to make. I will be back with more soon.
Yum, yum  this was so tasty and pretty too.  I got the recipe from a Annie's Eats.  I love her recipes and really wish she lived next door to me.  Her recipes are really amazing and this mint chocolate cupcake was not exception. 

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  1. You're making me crave for cupcakes even more! I honestly want to bake cupcakes for my family, but I feel that I'm not good too good at it. I guess I'll have to let my wife bake all the yummy cupcakes for us!