Monday, February 21, 2011

craft day with the family

Saturday we went to the craft store.  Each child got to pick something for making cards and scrapbooking, even my 4 year old boy. 

Here are some cards made with my kids and their cousin.  First one my son made with his big sister.
This one by my  other daughter. She made it for her music teacher at school who is having a baby soon.    The sub will be a displaced music teacher my older daughter had and loved. The inside is funny.
Miss Fluogum  you are the Best. I know your sub that you are haveing.  She was my sitsers musick techer.  I hope you have her again.  From Abigail

PS. I will miss you wile your gone PS. Abigail
So I told her to add the PS, since it was not sounding very loving.  Hey she wrote it herself and kids speak their minds.
Even though my hubby wasn't feeling well, he still made this card and it was for me.
 My first purse.  I love it.  My oldest daughter asked if she could take it to the dance that night. 
 Made by cousin Margaret
My son had to make a second card.  Tried to convince him to use another cut than the heart.  Oh, well it's his card.

The last card is for my oldest daughter's old science teacher from middle school. Her birthday is Tuesday and  she made this card.   Not sure about the nose holes, but I didn't see it until she was done. 


  1. I like you kids cards they are very nice. I like crafting with my Nana, it is fun.


  2. Wow! You guys were so busy! I love all the cards! In response to your question about editing software, I was using imovie but when I got the flip I started using the flip share. It comes with the camera. It's super quick and easy but not as detailed as imovie. I really need quick and easy. You know what I mean? Yeah I know you are a mom. I do love the camera! Do you like the new camera angle? God bless you!