Sunday, September 19, 2010

Momo's Hubby challenge

When I told my husband about Momo's hubby challenge. He was excited. At first he wanted to do something with an apple and a worm. I nixed that ideas, since I just designed one in my gypsy for a challenge and I was not going to give that up.

Any way he came up with a bug theme on his own. He asked me what bugs do you have? I told him a ladybug, bee, caterpillar and so on. I forgot I had this cricket. He found it on his own. I'm not even sure where he got the sun from.

Anyway I left to go to a meeting and was excited to come home to see his finished project. It was not done. You see my computer savvy husband had it all laid out on my gypsy, but was waiting for me to come home to tell him how to weld the letters. He also said I forgot how to zoom. I always feel great when I know something he doesn't. LOL.

So I read a book to him while he finished things up and this is how it turned out. Watch out, he may want t make some more cards soon.

I am not sure who's birthday this is for, since everyone in our house has already had a birthday, but it is cute none the less.


  1. How fun! Let him know he did a great job!!! :)

  2. How great is this card! I just love the sentiment! He did an awesome job! Tell him thanks for joining in! Xoxo Momo

  3. very nice. good job hubby xoxo

  4. Too cute...I think my hubby just forfited.

  5. WHat a great idea...and great looking card. TFS!!

  6. OMG, he is just too cute with that Gypsy.
    Great job on the card and I love how he had interest in the zoom vs the welding.

    What a great guy!